Pilot Industries Limited

LEAD Division

About Us

PIL is a leading producer of Pure Lead, Refined Lead & Lead Alloy Ingots in India, which is produced by Recycling of Lead Battery Scrap (ISRI- RAINS) & Smelting of Lead Ore / Concentrate. The company collects Local Lead Battery Scrap from various locations.

PIL’s state-of-the-art manufacturing substantiates stringent environmental norms in totality. Recycling of used Lead Acid Battery Scrap, Remelted Lead Ingots, Lead Scraps Like wheel weights, Lead Cable Sheathings & smelting of Lead Concentrates, is carried out to produce Pure Lead, Refined Lead and Lead Alloy Ingots.

PIL has made a mark by offering worldwide recognized products that meets the international standards. PIL has an installed capacity to produce around 4000 Metric tons of Lead & Lead Alloy Ingots per month.

PIL is committed to providing the Clients with a competitive advantage through a continuous process of quality advancement in all areas of manufacturing. Such commitment is evidenced through well formalized Quality Management System accredited with ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.