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Liberalization of the Indian economy in the early 90's brought about a phenomenal change in the Indian automotive industry. With consolidation and growth being the maxim of most auto players today, we are seeing increased participation and partnership of battery manufactures with auto players in creating battery solutions for new vehicle introduction.

LEADER has been manufacturing batteries since 1969. Since that time the demands on batteries have increase significantly with the introduction of features such as Music Player, Central Locking, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, ABS and Airbags etc. With unmatched expertise in automotive electrical systems, LEADER has kept pace with these developments and now provides a range of batteries which meet the demands of modern vehicles..

The LEADER battery is a value for money solution, suitable for a wide range of passenger vehicles, trucks and other commercial vehicles with few energy consuming components. Vehicles come in all shapes, sizes each with varying electrical needs. The LEADER battery meets the electrical demands of wide range of vehicles, ensuring a dependable supply of power to keep the energy consuming components working properly at all times.

Technical Specification Chart
Model Capacity (AH) Warranty

Dimension (+/- 3mm)

Length Width Height
38B20R/L 35 18+18* 195 125 200
65D26R/L 65 18+18* 267 188 250
80D26R 80 18+18* 300 188 250
95D31R 90 18+12* 438 188 263
105D31R 100 18+12* 438 188 263
LA 120 120 18+12* 515 230 270
LA 135 135 18+12* 515 230 270
LA 150 150 18+12* 515 230 270
LA 180 180 18+12* 525 288 288
LA 75T 75 18 300 188 250
LA 88T 90 18 438 188 263
LA 100T 100 18 438 188 263


  Fast, reliable starting power

   Dual plate’s protection against shocks and vibrations

   Increased 20% service life with innovative alloys

   Specially designed for Indian climate and road conditions

   Minimized self discharged rate

   Strong performance against corrosion

   Permanently meets the high requirements of your vehicles regarding  electrical values

  User Friendly – Factory Charged ready to use batteries

Quality & Reliability

LEADER batteries are built to safe starting in any weather condition and resistant to high engine chamber temperatures. Their innovative grid technology also makes them resistant to high temperatures inside the engine chamber which often exceed 100 degree C. At the same time, acid consumption and corrosion are minimized. These translate into minimum self- discharge, tolerance for short distance driving and perfect operational safety throughout their entire long life.