Pilot Industries Limited

Battery Division

Industrial (Inverter) Batteries


Compared to the automotive battery market, the industrial market is a steadier, growing market. Batteries here are used as a rugged high-drain standby source of power. The demand of stationary batteries is substantially higher and these are used in applications such as stand by application, Home UPS systems, telecommunication networks, power plants, etc

To meet customer’s requirements of innovative products, the plant is equipped with latest and most advanced sophisticated equipments imported from various countries around the world to produce batteries for the above mentioned applications. The grid of the Leader batteries are cast with innovative alloys and its thick, modified plates ensure a long life and greater reliability. A special low vaporous curing process further enhances the superior quality of the battery. Together, the superior design characteristics give better backup for with-standing frequent and long power cuts.

Technical Specification Chart
Model Nominal Voltage Rating Nominal Charge (Amps) Total Waranty (Months)
LIF450 135 505 220 255
LIF500+ 150 505 220 293
LXT450+ 135 505 220 293
LXT500+ 160 505 220 293
LST450+ 135 517 272 276
LST500+ 165 517 272 276
LTT500 150 503 190 394
LTT650 200 503 190 394