Pilot Industries Limited

Our Core Values

Pilot Industries Limited growth has been on two important planks innovation and an intense focus on customers' needs. As we grow, we highly value the integrity of our business dealings, the quality of our products and the development of our people.


We do the right things. In all our planning and actions, we are guided by what is right. We treat employees, customers, suppliers and business partners with dignity, respect and fairness. We communicate openly and honestly. We work safely and in environmentally responsible ways. We respect the customs, traditions and needs of the communities in which we operate. We expect Pilot employees to conduct themselves ethically and honestly and to take the initiative in reporting anything improper.


We build quality into everything we do. Each & every customer can depend on Pilot quality as demonstrated in the performance, reliability and durability of our products. Our quality commitment extends to developing world class processes and suppliers, along with an unwavering emphasis on continuous improvement and execution.


We meet today's needs and anticipate tomorrow's, our customer relationships are created, maintained and built by providing the best products for each market and each application, and by applying our company's experience, know-how and innovation to the needs of our customers.


We lead and learn as the foundation of our culture. We value teamwork, open communication, good will and camaraderie among the people and departments of our organization. We value informed risk-taking, employee empowerment, accountability for actions, and recognition for results. We are committed to growing our most valuable resources--our people.


Creative thinking secures long-term success. We look beyond today's business to tomorrow’s, by creating and launching exciting new products, advancing our technologies, and aiming always to be first-to-market and the market pace-setter.


We are always developing our company and our people. At Pilot, growth is a central theme of our culture. We constantly strive to grow our business, develop our people and build meaningful relationships.

We have also a strong commitment to providing clean, safe renewable energy for all sorts of applications. We believe that renewable energy technologies are often a lot friendlier to the environment than alternate conventional energy technologies which rely on fossil fuels.

In fact, many locations and industries worldwide are enforcing stricter environmental standards in order to prevent noise, air, water and other types of pollution. Battery power is an ideal solution. Battery power produces virtually no noise or gases. With the advent of non-spill able types of batteries, the risk of acid leakage on land or in the water is almost non-existent.

So next time you're looking for a safe, reliable and convenient power source for your recreational or industrial application, think of Pilot and contact us.