Pilot Industries Limited

LEAD Division

Technical Details

At PIL we utilize advanced & environmental friendly technology for recovery of Lead metal from Lead Ores / Lead Concentrates, Lead waste and scrap. Our Recycling Operations consist of battery crushing, separation, Smelting and Refining Process.
Smelting is conducted under the controlled conditions in oil-fired Rotary Furnace with automatic burner, exhaust from back end to quenching tank and finally to cyclone and bag-house. The entire chain system from furnace to chimney is maintained under pressure to prevent from fugitive emission.
Fugitive emission which can arise during taping of the metal and slag, is controlled by providing cover with a hooded area around the furnace. All dust collected in the bag house is recycled to the furnace in certain composition to recover the lead metal.
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Refining: Smelted lead produced from the furnace is refined to final finished products in fully automatic heated oil-fired kettles covered with the hood and connected to sanitary bag house to collect the dust, if any from fugitive fumes emitted during the process.
Molten metal at various stages is analyzed in depth to ensure desired chemistry and homogeneity of all elements as per specified range. After getting laboratory permission & certification, Molten metal is poured into ingot moulds where unique batch codes are marked on it to ensure complete traceability.
Ingots are strapped in Fork lift-able bundles & properly color coded to ensure easy identification & then shipped. The technology is well developed to suit customer requirements in environment friendly manner, of course competitive and complementary.