Pilot Industries Limited

LEAD Division


PIL follows strict quality standards in all areas of operation right from selection of raw material to ultimate dispatch to its valued customers.

One of the strengths of PIL is our highly equipped testing laboratories and our broad technical competence within production of Lead & Lead Alloy Ingots. Our customers have full access to our extensive range of technical services designed to meet their needs.

Each batch is being analyzed prior to its pouring molten metal into the moulds to ensure proper chemistry, grain size & dross content of the alloy. All elements are controlled within specified limits and proper records are being maintained. Each batch is being assigned a unique batch no which is also marked on every relevant ingot to ensure complete traceability at a later stage.

In addition to in-process inspection, a highly experienced and dedicated team ensures complete adherence to most exacting standards. Experts are involved right from choosing the highest quality raw material to applying various techniques to ensure the products confirm to highest quality standards.

With highly competitive market emerging each day & increasing demand for international standard products, PIL has been continuously investing in process up-gradation, new technology and quality control systems. SPC techniques are regularly being utilized to ensure detailed and depth analyses of various quality measures taken by officials. A proper record is maintained as per quality standard requirements.