Pilot Industries Limited

Why Pilot ?

As Pilot grows by leaps and bounds and touches new horizons of success, hitherto unattained, it continues to be guided by the principles of effective corporate governance while at the same time pushing up the profitability graph. Pilot firmly believes in the maxim, “The success of a company depends on its workforce.” It is not the gun but the man behind the gun who is responsible for victory. Dedication and sincerity come only when the employees feel that the company cares for them. With this in view, Pilot takes the utmost care of its employees to marshal them into a dedicated task-force.

• We believe in acquiring and retaining the best talent in the industry and constantly strive for their improvement and development.

• We provide equal opportunities for growth to both our male and female employees without any discrimination.

• Training and development are synonymous with progress. We have professional trainers and experts to continuously hone up the skills of our employees.

• We firmly believe in having the right person for the right job. Here we also encourage job rotation.

• We believe in ushering in new methodologies and technologies and ways of working to improve and advance productivity and thus invite out-of-the-box thinkers from time to time.

• We give full encouragement to creativity and are always receptive to new ideas.

• We provide safe, comfortable, energetic work environment for all employees at all levels.

• We are always abreast with new employee welfare schemes and organize get-togethers and cultural events frequently.

• We encourage our employees to think like entrepreneurs and display innovativeness in the fields of research, development, production, international marketing and administration.

• We are extremely concerned about the health and safety of our human capital. And many more reasons …….

If, therefore, you are looking for a rewarding career, Pilot has to be your destination No1. We place great emphasis on nurturing our people and are among a select group of elite companies which offer diversity not only in the field of business but also opportunities and culture. With a truly global mindset, we at Pilot thrive on sharing information across borders and businesses in a work environment that fosters and encourages open, honest and direct communication. A decisive factor in our success is our creativity. We attach great importance to fostering independence and individual responsibility. Pilot’s vision is to enrich the quality of life by meeting all the basic needs of our men. The mission is to make Pilot GREAT and a name to be reckoned with worldwide.